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Sketch design VS 3D design

Many online design companies use 3D design to provide design services for you. Just like the picture below

You can modify the colors such at the neckline, sleeves, and patterns on their designated sections, then submit text and other things you need next . i think many Friends must have experienced if you need a custom jersey like that ,but This is a junior solution for custom jerseys, Do you feel bound at this time? For example, when you want to completely design your own clothes according to your own ideas, That's why we introduce our sketch design

First, the sublimated printing provides technical possibilities for sketch design What is sublimation printing? Sublimation is the process of transferring dye to a fabric using heat. The images and graphics are printed on special paper placed on the garment and heat is applied, allowing the ink to become part of the fabric. This will leave you with a more breathable, soft-hand feel to the fabric. The best part is that the numbers, letters and graphics do not peel, wear off, or come out in the wash!

So it can completely follow your Idea to design, any color and pattern you want in any part, there is no very tedious step in submitting the design, send your design to us in any way,

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